Is Stress the Actual cause of Teeth Grinding?

It is usually accepted that tension causes people to grind their teeth.  But is it really the only reason?  The next most frequent cause next to stress that cause some people to grind their teeth is a Bad Bite.  Consequently, how does this occur?

As the condyle up in the TMJ (temporomandibular Joint) is Not in Centric Relation as the teeth are closed at once, then the basic basis for the "Good Bite" is compromised, unstable, twisted or bad.  Thus, sensing this offbite, when the brain inform the muscles to maneuver and avoid interferences (teeth in the way) during several jaw movement, the jaw muscles work over time holding the jaw in a position or direction of movement known as Engrams to compensate for the error for the bite.  Whilst muscle engrams are present, the muscle tissues be able to exhaustion and muscles don't work easily.

When the individual is sleeping, the unconscious acts of engrams are erased or else shut down.  Then a muscles get over and attempt to grind, scrub, or remove every teeth in the way.  The teeth are likely to be in the way in which once the condyle is Not in Centric relation.  Thus, especially once the "Off bite" is severe, the teeth grinding at nighttime will probably be more probable.  Then add stress to that, and you have a recipe for tiring down your teeth...toothaches...root canals and crowns.  Obviously that's when the ache signs and symptoms can show up in the jaw as well.

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