Lots of people question me if it will help to find out a chiropractor for TMJ problems. I say, it be able to. And the reason is this. A chiropractor's work is to get the spinal joints moving correctly at every stage.

When the spinal joints of the neck are in the right position and moving correctly, it reduces the chance of irritation on nerves and blood vessels. Several of them nerves and blood vessels nourish the muscles of the face and jaw; thus if these are working well, the jaw can benefit.

Besides, you have to think of muscles themselves; they are linked to bones. If neck vertebrae of the spinal column are stuck and never moving of their usual joint planes, muscles could possibly get too tight or too lax, both of that may cause spasms, neck pain and affect TMJ role.

However after years of knowledge, I think the quickest method to TMJ pain relief is by wearing a mouth guard in sleep at night. Why? The number one reason for TMJ pain is the grinding or gritting of one's teeth at at sleep.

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