Where did you hear the word Crepitus? I'm a bit astonished, but perhaps your physician informed you,  or perhaps you heard it from your pal.

Crepitus is said to be caused by a hole in the disc in the TMJ, as a result what you hear is the noise of bone rubbing on bone.  Responsive hearing devices be able to prove this diagnosis.
But, you could perceive some noises when you lock and unlock your mouth and could possibly be normal without the perforation within the meniscus (disc). 

If you might have noises or not in the TMJ, it does not change the treatment plan typically. It is noted in your chart as a symptom to check whether or not it gets worse or better during your medication with your Doc.

At once, when the noises are coupled with obtaining ache in the TMJ, Your Doc will take care of or suggest therapy for the pain with likely bite adjustment and surgery.

Merely in few instances when the sound is so loud, and when the patient just cannot bare the joint noises, subsequently Surgical procedure might be suggested. Worse results or issues can occur through surgical procedure, so hopefully you will not have to go that method.